Sunday, November 4, 2012

Take a minute to brag...

Tonight I just want to take a minute to brag on my family.

You see, when we started this journey a year or so ago I was over whelmed with anticipation, joy and excitement to fulfill this calling.... the calling to care for Orphans. And, I must admit, we are in a little different place than I originally thought we would be... but that is thanks to God. His ways are higher than mine, so I keep trusting.

Tonight we decided to surprise our 3 big kids (biological) and take them out to see a movie. We don't do that often, most of the time it is to the $1 theatre to see a movie that has been out for a few months. LOL But, we haven't been off with just them since we got our 3 foster kids so we decided to surprise them with a night out.

While we were out I just couldn't stop thinking about how blessed I am. To have such an amazing husband and kids. A husband and children that see God's heart to care for orphans. A husband willing to work his tail off for his 3 kids.... plus 3 more....because despite what you have heard, foster parents don't do it to be rich. That is FAR from the truth. A husband that, instead of running every morning(his favorite hobby), takes 2 little kids to day care while I take the school age kids. And kids that make sacrifices every day just so we can care for 3 kids that need some love right now.  I have watched my kids be so sweet and tender toward these kids... it just melts my heart. And I just can't help but thank God for this opportunity, and for letting me be wife and mom in this family.

I am excited to see where God takes us in this journey, and I thank Him for His grace, mercy and guidance as we walk out this calling.

Now, an update! We had court last week and the judge wants mom to work some more stuff out so she kept the kids in our custody and set a new court date for Feb 28. So, we will have them thru then. Christmas should be exciting!!! We are so blessed to share our hearts and home with them and cant wait to spend the Holidays with them!

Thanks for reading and thanks for all of the support!

Also, a photo from our night!!