Thursday, December 1, 2011


The other day after a very hard day, a very discouraging day, I came home and went to bed. I was weary and tired. I drifted off to sleep and had one of the most vivid dreams that I have ever had. I don't know that it was from God, but I kinda feel like it was. Just encouragement if nothing else. A reminder that something good is coming. Here was my dream.

I was at work, JCPenney, and we were all dressed in our Christmas shirts and up at the jewelry counter. The manager, my boss, called us up there for a Christmas party. It was all of us employees and a bunch of kids, a bunch of African kids to be exact. They were all playing and laughing, except one, she was sitting on the jewelry counter, all by herself. She looked sad and alone, and almost like she was different than the other kids, maybe like she had an illness. And before it started he said he wanted to make an announcement. He said that he knew that we all had heard of the Angel tree but he wanted us to do something different, he wanted us to pick out an angel to adopt but this time we don't just buy them gifts, we actually adopt them. Immediately I was thrilled. Everyone started scurrying around trying to pick out the friendliest and cutest kid, I was drawn to the little girl on the counter. I went straight to her. She wouldn't even look at me in the face. She looked so pitiful. My heart hurt for her. I tried talking to her, but she wouldn't let me. She was very resistant. Even crying when I tried to hold her. But by the end of the night, she was sitting on my lap, asleep against my chest.

And that was when I woke up. I don't know if God was giving me a vision of our little girl, or if that dream was just a little encouragement about our adoption and the wait. But, I wouldn't be surprised if its not the last time I see that little face.

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