Thursday, October 31, 2013

Never once!

This past month has been a crazy one. I'm not afraid to say that my family has been attacked by the enemy. In the most unsuspecting way. One of those ways that feels like a sucker punch. It takes your breath away. But I can say, never once did we ever walk alone, never once did He leave us on our own, He is faithful. God, You are faithful.

I see Him taking the bad and turning it to good. I'm amazed at His ability to do that. I have a horrible time doing that. I sit back and analyze all the ways I've been hurt and all the injustice I have been served. And think of all the ways I can get even. Oh come on, don't act like you've never done that. After all, I'm the innocent one, I need to make them pay. And yet God whispers "I'll take care of that... you focus on me." And so, that is what I continue to {try} to do!

Also, in the middle of walking thru this, our babies went home, so then I was left to deal with another emotional situation. But once again, I was never left alone.

I'm so thankful for God, and His faithfulness. His mere presence is enough to wipe away my sadness, anger, hurt, pain, and grief, for any situation I am in.  For He beckons me to walk in HIS love, and His peace and His strength. He will never leave me or forsake me. I have a promise that the best is yet to come, and boy is that exciting.

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