Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No time for regrets

Lately all I can think about is spending quality time with my kids. Despite the crazy roller coaster we have been on, I make a conscious effort to be with them. I'm realizing that life doesn't slow down for anyone or anything. After all, my oldest is now 11! That just doesn't seem right.

I am so blessed that I got to be a stay at home mom with our kids, before they got in school. I cherished those moments. There was nothing more I wanted to do with my life, than to stay at home with my kids. Just the thought of leaving them nearly sent me into a panic attack. Oh, it was rough. Some days (weeks) are just a blur to me. Having 3 in 4.5 years can be challenging. But I have to say, I have so many wonderful memories of being with my kids. And I am so grateful for those years.

Now that they are in school and I am working we don't have all day together :( It is easy to just pick them up from school and be busy with homework, dinner, baths and bed without REALLY being together. My prayer is that God helps me to enjoy the little things with them. To notice them and to be here for them. To stop what I am doing and talk, listen and play with them. Before I know it they will be grown and gone.



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