Friday, July 13, 2012

Things change in a minutes time.

I know this to be a good and bad thing. But today. It was a good thing.

I was busy with the kids, cleaning, on my off day, when I get a phone call. It is our caseworker's number. So I answer with anticipation. She asked if we are willing to take a placement today. Today?
She has a sibling set of 3. 3?  5 & 4 year old boys and a 22 month old girl.

We said yes!

They were brought by the worker around 7:20 pm and boy has it been crazy around here. They are very sweet kids, and fit in great here..... except, they do not speak english. HA HA God sure has a sense of humor. They speak spanish. Other than that minor issue we are great.

We had a great night until bedtime. Then our hearts were broken. The 5 year old cried for "momma" for about 40 minutes. How heartbreaking it was to not be able to take the pain away. God please help something we do and say show him that he is loved. And that he is safe. And God, help that mother, who's heart must be breaking as well. I can't image the brokenness from losing your kids. I pray for peace. Peace for the kids and peace for the parents. I pray for restoration for this mom. Healing. Maturity. Freedom. All that it takes to be the mom that she needs to be for these precious children.

Thank you God for this opportunity to Love Real Big!

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