Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We have had our 3 foster kids for about 7 weeks now. And boy are we in love!

They are so precious! Every day we fall more and more in love with them.

The middle boy, who they told us was 4, actually turned out to be 3. We celebrated his 4th birthday on Monday! It was so awesome. He was so excited over the cake and presents. His smile lit up the room.

I think they adjusting well, and so are we. Having 6 kids is a bit harder than having 3! But thank God that He not only put this desire in mine and Tim's heart, but also our kids, because they are such a big help. They love them and help out with them so much.

Today they had their 1st visit with their mom since we got them. They seem to be doing ok since them. They went during school today so they were picked up from school/daycare and then taken back when the visit was over. All of their teachers said they were fine when they returned. So that makes me happy, I worried about them coming back to school crying.

So now, we just continue to love them. We go to court on September 13 so I guess we will know more then!

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