Friday, July 29, 2011

Feeling the love....REAL BIG!!

Wow. Talk about a busy day!! Today has been wonderful.

Started VERY early with our yard sale... and boy am I tired. But I am running on adrenaline and excitement!! I'm a little overwhelmed by all of the support..... and just how much God is blessing this journey. We have a very long way to go, BUT God continues to amaze us.

The one reason that we almost didn't follow God into this journey was finances. God affirmed and confirmed many times that HE would provide, so we stepped out with a leap of faith.... and no money! Which is unheard of for international adoptions. Most families that I have spoken to have several thousands saved (either from real estate profit, money left from a will or years of savings) before they started. Yet, when God spoke to us to start we literally only had hundreds in the savings. The unbelief in myself wanted us to have $6-7000 saved before we started.... just to make sure everything would be fine ect... but God said "no- start now." So, we did. We did it afraid, but we trust Him. Today has been yet another confirmation of His hand on our journey. What an awesome God He is!

Oh yeah, someone sent an email in to the producer of Fox 6 news and they came and did a segment on us today! :) My heart is so full of joy right now. Knowing that our 2 children, are waiting for us in Africa, we don't know them, but He knows who they are! God chose them to be our children! How amazing?! AND He will see us through to the end of this!!

Psalm 68:6

6 God sets the solitary in families;

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