Thursday, June 9, 2011

God has longings too.

God is perfect, whole and complete and yet He still has longings. He longs for us. How amazing is that? Often times I let satan condemn me for having longings. As if longings are a bad thing. Our longings are not sinful. The truth is, we were made for something more than this world has to offer. There are places in my soul that ache to be filled, by being and doing ALL that God created me to do/be. Don't get me wrong. I am very content in the Lord, and with my life. Actually, I am more content than I have ever been. With that said, I have allowed my soul to be awakened to the longings in me. Longings that I know are from God. Longings that only He can fulfill. I truly believe that God put longings down deep in all of us, and that if we reach far enough down, and are not afraid of going out on a limb, then God will fulfill those longings. I have named my longings, and I have faith that God is bringing them to pass. I believe that God longs for us to trust Him and do those things that He designed for us to do. I'm finding out, that those longings are not meant to stay in our heart and mind, for us to day dream about. Those are longings that God put in us, so that with Him, we would do all we could do to bring that to past.

The problem is, we all have a God-given longing in us and we try to fill it with "stuff" and people. We buy, buy, buy and buy! And then, we attach ourselves to people. We idolize them, give all we have to them and are still left with a void. It's because we are trying to fill a God given longing with the world. Only God can fill this longing and bring all our longings to past. And He will.

Psalm 38:9
All my longings lie open before you, O Lord;
my sighing is not hidden from you.

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