Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where He leads, He will make a way.

I have never believed that more in my life than I do right now. I have such peace over our decision. You see, I had recently began to think that I had my life figured out. For the first time in a long time I finally felt secure. In my walk with God, in my emotions, in my marriage, and in our finances. We had worked really hard over the last few years to allow God to began to bring order into our lives. So, I had taken it upon myself to maintain this level of stability. I watched the checking/savings account like a hawk. I balanced the checkbook several times a day. Checking our credit card balances several times a day and sometimes making 4-5 payments a month, just to keep the balances low... extremely low. I had money stashed in places "just in case" and I had our life mapped out for the next few years! First, buy our first home. Which, I am very excited about. Next take a cruise with my husband for our 12 year anniversary. Next, well, another trip to Disney for the kids, next, a family beach trip, then it would be time for that new jeep that I have been wanting for years.... and so the plans go on and on and on. And so, in the midst of making the first step happen, God spoke... "now is the time." What? NO WAY! After all, we deserve all of this, we have worked hard. But He gently said "Now is the time to pursue this call over your life." Again, a resounding... BUT GOD?!?! Can I atleast put it on the list and get to it eventually?!?! NOPE!

So, while we are still working on #1, our #2 is now to bring our kids home! From wherever it is that they are. None of that is certain yet. All I know is that through us, NONE of this is possible. We are completely relying on God to make a way where He leads us!

It amazes my how God knows right what we need at the right time. God just shook me up and is asking me to trust Him. So, whatever the cost, even all of my life plans, if that is what He is asking for, then they are His. After all, He holds my life in His hands, so what better life than that! I may never get that jeep I want, but suddenly that doesn't matter at all to me.

Psalm 73:24
You guide me with your counsel,leading me to a glorious destiny

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